​Mailerlite for Authors

Setting Up Your Account + Verification Process

Before signing up for your Mailerlite account, please watch the video below which will go over a few email marketing laws that are super important to know before you get started!

Action Steps

  1. Watch the videos above.
  2. Sign up for your Mailerlite account using the button below.
  3. Begin the verification process by verifying your domain and email account and wait until you get the approval email.

Take A Tour

For a quick walkthrough of the ways to integrate Mailerlite with other services, watch the video below.

Action Steps

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Mailerlite Dashboard.
  2. Download and print out the cheatsheet for easy referral thoroughout the remainder of this Masterclass.
  3. Fill out your account details.
  4. Customize your unsubscribe page, if you'd like to.
  5. Sign up for the notifications you'd like to recieve.
  6. Go through the integration process with other services you'd like to connect.

Action Items


Please allow for the following amount of study and focus time for this, and complete the material in its suggested order:

Videos // 23 mins

Exercises // 1 hours

Followthrough // 90 Days

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